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Project Description

Boeing and CargoLogicAir brought together the cream of some of the biggest and most influential aviation, shipping and logistics businesses in the world and InFrame Media where engaged to make sure all ran smoothly.

This highly important event in Boeings calendar was the 47th year running this event and this year was the chance for CLA to partner.

CLA hosted the Conference at the new offices of Cargo Logic Management in Uxbridge. InFrame Media where brought in to manage accommodation, on ground logistics, transfers and support as well as Audio Visual and external experiences for a drinks reception and a gala event.

With the event supporting networking and information sharing it was important to ensure the venues and the experiences where engaging and interesting.

After the welcome drinks and two hard days of discussions we felt that it was important to take the delegates on a journey and that is exactly what we did!

With such a diverse group of influential global leaders in their industry a Thames tour on a beautiful English summer evening was exactly what was needed, with fine wine and delicious food, it certainly was a night to remember.

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